Lost and India

Sotd: lazy days – Shwayze. I was walking home from the bus stop and just started humming this and yeah it just kinda reflects my mood right now.

I’m happy think, or perhaps not happy – just content. I’m out of the lull of exams and the depression that set in afterwards and here I am lost in a limbo of probably needing to do something with my time and not just squander it. These are the golden years and the years I need to work.

I’ve been following this guy on instagram for a while and honestly I thought his stuff was kinda cool, like professional photography and some was really cool like a brand deal with harmon kardon but then he put up a story of him with RSD Max and I almost cried. Here  was someone in my situation, maybe even worse and who had just hustled and met his heros. It’s something I need to start doing, sure the blogging and doing well in school is alright but I need to be doing things that seem impossible, that have so many intermediate steps that the path seems invisible to most.

I have a week’s break from school. I need to get to work in these and capitalise on the task at hand. Ideally my goal is to fund myself getting into a summer school which is around £2000 pounds. It seems unlikely that I can make that in a few months but honestly it’s a shame if I don’t try. It’s the thing I need and just something to get me out of this rut I seem to find myself in.


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