Lightning Mood

sotd: good liquor – nick lopez. I’ve had this one before but honestly it’s a banger, I was listening to some of the songs I liked a year ago like the white songs that wiz khalifa came out with and it was fun just thinking about where I was this time last year and what I was doing when I was listening to those songs.

I’m on school holidays this week and I decided to tell my boss he could give me as many shifts as he wanted to make up for me going on holiday next week. I didn’t think he would be making me work 4 bloody days in a week. I’ve gone from 8 hours to 36 just like that. With three days of working in a row. Don’t get me wrong I love working but jesus lord it’s destroying my body, a large mcdonalds for lunch and 3 hot chocolates during work which is probably going to give me diabetes. So there’s the rant for today, I’m starting my extracurricular shit real late today so I’ll finish here to actually not die of stress tonight and smash out a few ranked matches tonight.

Still got no idea what I’m going to do this week whilst I’m not at work, find something dope to dropship.


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