Kineta Murphy

sotd: allstar – smashmouth.

The name kineta s murphy has been on the tip of my tongue for the last few days which is strange because the name literally means nothing, a quick google search brings up nothing apart from some drug patent that literally means nothinger.

I got a few things back today from summer shit. One is HSBC which is an interview, pretty happy about that.

Then during work I get an email which has the header of “oxbridge school” and I shat myself thinking it was the one I wanted to get into, it wasn’t just some ponzi scheme to extort rich parents by assuring them that their shit parenting is okay and that 2 weeks will solve years of inadequacy. I do a telephone interview anyway as work is dead and it’s quite fun and actually pretty illuminating, I’ve only really done 2 interviews every, one I crushed and one I crumbled so this was good, it was good, I crushed I would say. Everything just kinda flowed and I just joined up a lot of dots about all my interests over the years like evolutionary biology, economics and philosophy.

There’s more to that but I have another thing to talk about. “moments of brilliance” is one of the few phrases I remember from my old piano teacher, she talked a fair bit during ou lessons but I don’t really remember anything else. It was what she used to describe my piano playing, normally it was mediocre but there were these brief moments of awesomeness where she loved it. I think that is quite a good description. I was listening to something today and they were saying that we’re afraid of challenge but only during challenges we can use the full extent of our abilities and excel. Usually my sales are actually pretty boring but sometimes lightning strikes and I crush it, like today with this old ish woman I just came alive and had everything on point and it was a beautiful thing, that’s when I echoed that phrase “moments of brilliance”.

The third email was a place at an international young leaders conference that actually looks pretty interesting. I’m going to crush out some work this week and make plans to fund it and then pay the deposit – looks legendary.



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