Soul Ablaze

Sotd: whatever the genre of prog rock is. I got recommended it today and I’m tempted to check it out, anything to make me look more like an edgy shit

I got told today by some woman “oh you can’t apply for medicine and something else.” she literally just snapped at me and I was like oh ya fucker. I just don’t like the idea of people shitting on other people’s ideas or anything like that. I think this new age self development shite is just people trying to get back their childhood happiness, inquisitiveness and hopefulness and that’s what we do everything for. Maybe somewhere along the way someone – like that woman today – just shuts you down and you spend the rest of your life trying to fix it. 

That seems way too deep and profound, honestly I’m just pissed at this woman for deciding what I can and can’t do with my time. 

Low key gonna finish here because I have things to do (namely KBBQbaby) but more disappointment for today, saw a sign for terrace room or something in this building, went to check it out, it was a fucking room with a big ass window. Smh can’t trust anyone nowadays. 


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