sotd: pursuit of happiness – kid cudi.

As part of my trying to get back into the swing of things I’ve tried to dive back into coursera. At first I signed up for medical neuroscience, after a talk or two about the positions I realised I couldn’t give less of a fuck. Why was I doing these courses? not for a little thing to say on my CV but for actual enjoyment and cultural enjoyment when I’d be usually just listening to the same 4 songs. So I unsubscribed and found something I’d actually enjoy, buddhism and evolutionary biology – sure I’ll probably never end up doing t but at least it’s interesting for me.

Which is kinda sad to think I’m convinced I’m not going to spend my life doing something I’ll like but who knows, I’ll end up doing something fun eventually.

A major part of living well is eating well and I’d say I did pretty well today. Start the day off fasting with a san pelligrino, juice of half a lemon and some chia seeds to tide me over until lunch. Last night I grabbed a bunch of veggies for a maximillian style stir fry, two carrots, a bag of broccoli and cauliflower, some peas and a bit of frozen spinach. Then the magic ingredient, Quark. This shit is a miracle. It’s like really heavy cream cheese without the nasty flavour with mad protein in it, I didn’t do that much exercise today but I’ll probably morning gym tomorrow and this shit will help, I just stirred in a few tablespoons when I’d finished frying the veg. Shame it has barely any fat though, not sure how I’m going to do that, whilst I’m not trying to go full ketosis a bit more fat would be great.


It’s 9pm, got home from work which I crushed, all time best of a sub an hour and 125% ASR which is unheard of, but for some reason my head is throbbing, maybe lack of sleep catching up or glucose deficiency but I doubt that, had some sweet potato and rice. Maybe it’s the antibiotics I took a few days ago.

Apart from that feeling good, didn’t have a perfect day today but way better than normal, just keeping positive is great.


3 thoughts on “Me-isms

  1. Hello! I’ve been quietly following your blog and I’ve always wanted to comment but like your posts are so genuine and *slaps food down on table* <– that's how I'm I'm trying to describe it? Does that make sense? What a crappy metaphor but you get what I mean, like the way your write about your day is so open and to the point and witty and it's really entertaining to read! I am waffly af you see. But yes. finally I feel I have something substantial to comment – I have not heard of Quark! And I like live in Tesco. How? I take Physics A Level so I've kind of been sitting here thinking about quarks on a particle level XD omg I'm so sorry this comment is LONG but there we go

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