Death By Starvation

sotd: we should all burn together – russ. I’ve done this one a lot jut because honestly it’s incredible. Lyrics that kill and that you can actually understand and the fact he can sample ed sheeran and still sound pimp is awesome.

The title is clickbait ish, I did actually feel pretty close to death this morning and I was hungry so technically it is true. I thought I’d go to the gym this  morning because it’s been ages and needed use up that mad quark protein. I was listening to this tim ferris podcast about this guy talking about a 1 minute workout which is just 3 20 seconds sprints on a stationary bike, this sound pretty cool to me, minimal cardio with maximum effect and it would help me get ruined on squats quicker.

I jump on the bike, smash out 20 seconds and stop, lowkey dying. I check my band and it says my heart rate is 70 so that’s broken as fuck. The pensioners seem confused, this young kid can only do 20 seconds on a bike? what a pussy. I take a minute or so then hop on again, the last few seconds are excruciating, like the last few reps where your legs feel like their made of iron and impossible to move.

The last set killed me, the last 10 or so seconds I started suffering, to say I almost blacked out might be overestimating it but whatever.

By the time i got off the bike I felt the worst I’d ever after exercise, pretty sure I felt better after a 2k erg, then again I have only ever done one but whatever.

I have a seat on a bench and just lie there for 5 or so minutes, then realise I’ll probably be sick, run to a bathroom and wonder why nothings coming out.

Shit. I skipped breakfast this morning for them fasting gains and I didn’t have that much glucose the day before, my brain that was now in agony was probably already low n energy and now I was shocking my immune system and it was going haywire.

Deciding I would probably become braindead if I kept going I left the gym.

I did 1 minute of exercise today and it might’ve actually been the hardest session of my life. Of course the lowkey starvation might’ve also contributed to that.


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