Duel From the Heart 

Botd: the four hour body Tim ferriss. I’ve been stuck in a rut of not reading a lot recently but I broke out this book and really liked it and yeah did a fair bit yesterday. 

The wonderful title comes from a quote from yu gi oh which I’ve just started watching again. It was one of those things where I would occasionally watch it and kinda get the gist of it all. 

They recently came out with a mobile game and my colleague who is a all time lad or pretends to be who knows just brought it up and I thought how cool it was. Watched a few vids on YouTube and I was hooked again. 

Turns out the yu gi oh website has the whole 10 or so series online for free which is dope af and I’ve low key turned into a weebo or whatever its called when people watch anime. I am quite liking it, some of its weird motivational shit but I am liking it, better than anything else I can find to watch so yeah. 

Off to work now, maybe I’ll finally manage to sell some insurance. 


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