Pickled Veggies

sotd: ahhyeahh – oliver francis. I heard this song ages ago and it was mad lit I just never remembered to put it on this thing.

Last night I had a crisis of faith. Well not really actually, in all honesty it wasn’t much. I got home from dinner pretty late and yeah it was pretty good, I’ve realised this carphone shit has made me way more comfortable talking to strangers and not overthinking shit which is a plus. Part of the reason I wanted a job in sales instead of anything else is that the skills I learn are foundational and I can use them literally anywhere. I digress, I get home and I’m about to jump into the shower. I turn it on, get ready to jump in, then realise it’s hot. Do I get in? I look at my mangled toes and think about all the reasons I should just jump in, then my man tim ferriss jumps back into my head and chats about the benefits like that mad brown fat tissues and sperm count. I don’t think those were the reasons but I thinkn I realised that if I skipped it once I would never do it again.

The secret with doing anything is just doing it day in and day out. I was reading this primer article procrastinating my chinese and it said:

Make a plan.

Stick to it.

I mean it.

It’s your only hope

And yeah I liked that. another thing it mentioned was that 100 words a day in two years is a book. I’ve done a few hundred a day for almost two years, maybe one day I come out with the anthology book? Na but that was one of my older ideas who knows, perhas that’s what I spend the third year of my blog doing, writing a book about some random topic, could be dope. But then again every fucking white male who thinks the world owes him success has an ebook and it’s kind of a dirty thing to do nowadays but it is an option, and certainly a very cool one.


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