Match The Wheels

sotd: polite – clay borrel. I’m not sure if I’ve done this before. I heard this and was like “this is pretty damn good” then checked it out on soundcloud to download. shit hasn’t even hit 10,000 plays which is mad because it’s really quite good.

I managed to finish the four hour body which is a mad, and probably a testament to tims writing because yeah I blew through it. Things to take from it? Eat veggies not carbs. Low reps and not going to failure is apparently the way to go. There’s things on sprints and long distance running and swimming I kinda want to get into and hopefully I will but who knows.

Let’s talk about fucking Tai Lopez. Now I used to be really into the guy a year or so ago. I listened to most of his videos and they were great. Then he decided to be a “social media expert” and spew out crap on the internet. His social media marketing thing actually looks cool but I dunno I reckon the same thing that Vaynerchuck thinks, when the next recession hits everyone is gonna die. He puts up this post saying “working smarter always beats hard work” or some shit. Some guy comments like “eh hard work always wins” and the guy drops the snarkiest comment I’ve ever read about like “oh you don’t get it, I understand, you’re in good company” I’ve decided I hate snarkiness and yeah it’s just a dick thing to do to publicly shame someone for sprouting something about the same as you.

This is generating into rubbish and also to say I tried reading this Feynman essays bullshit but jesus is it boring, just a guy saying he likes what he does for a few hundred pages.


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