Slowly Coming Undone

Sotd: some marc e bassy song because my friend who keeps making up shit has decided that the guy is doing a concert with some other artist when they literally don’t know each other but whatever. The kid pisses me off just because he seems to be convinced that no one can see through his bullshit. I mention this song, he says he loves it then sends me it a week later saying “omg have you heard this”

Anyway that’s bitching over let out that mad hate. I did not make a good choice last night not going to bed until 12ish and then not eating a lot. I think I’m on about 300 calories and its 16:35. Surprisingly I don’t feel that bad so low key about to die but who knows maybe I’ll survive to tell my tale. 

What to talk about today? Let’s talk about leagues above leagues. There’s this kid I follow on Instagram who has a social media marketing agency, a sports coaching brand, does brand deals with bang and olufsen and has a few ebooks. And he’s 16.

It leaves me in awe that people my age have done this shit and scares me deeply that I’m literally not even playing the game. 

Still in reality it isn’t as cool as you think but still its impressive as shit. By the not as cool as you think half the battle is just making it sound cool. 

You can consult but have no customers, I’ve written dozens of ebooks worth of text, he is actually jacked though and yeah goals. 

So as I wallow in self pity have a nice day kids. 


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