Mandem Crazy

Sotd: yours truly, Austin post – post malone. 

The last few nights I’ve gone to sleep listening to podcasts and tired out of my mind. Last night I thought I wouldn’t, I just wanted to actually think to myself because the last few days I’ve just been trying to drown myself in distractions. 

So in my death throes last night I thought about a few things, nothing I really remember just small things like this line “we just try and distract ourselves from ourselves.” I’ve been meaning to decide on a few things namely what to do with my life and weird other questions and I’ve just been ruining my life trying to avoid them. 

Not ruining like cutting myself honestly just not sleeping well which is hell right now. This is terribly disjointed and apparently some kids in my year showed one of my teachers my blog and I really don’t want to be put on suicide watch so yeah I’ll finish here. 


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