Coconut Crush

sotd: american kid – khalid. AHHHHHHHH this song has actually infuriated and pleased me to no end. I’m pretty sure god has made a decision to never let the two of us unite. Firstly I have 20 pence less than the price of his new album on my itunes account and I can’t pay part in itunes and part in cash so I’ll have to drop the full amount which is depressing as hell. The other fun part is that the only UK concert the guy is doing is the day after I leave london which actually makes me want to cry. In other news I may go to see jon bellion though. The song itself is mega, if a little repetitive and preppy and life-goes-on-after-trump.

in other news I got my first real suit today. I’d rented before but never really owned a real one. I’d picked it up and it looked nice and fit pretty well. Then I remembered bespoke, that book about savile row tailors and realised it’s way better to buy a slightly worse suit and tailoring it to make it look dope. It wasn’t exactly cheap but mum fronted it because apparently it’s embarassing af if I bought my own first suit. Anyway got some old asian man to tailor it and jesus it cost more than I thought it would but to be fair he did literally change everything and the thing i so cool now. So yeah money well spent honestly.

Gonna end it because better things to do, ie a hot shower because need warm water because just had a haircut.


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