Spin Dream

Sotd: goosebumps – Travis scott- not my choice so don’t blame me if it’s trash. 

Hitting Landan town this weekend. The plane was meant to arrive at 12 ish and then we’d go to Camden market for shopping and mad good but then the flight got delayed by 2 hours so no good food and indy trash clothes. But apparently we have reservations at this mad dim sum place which should be awesome. 

I think part of the reason the I should bother working and that is for experiences and this is one, a pretty spontaneous trip to London for shopping eating and a bit of learning tomorrow. I’ll get into it later but I’m too lazy now. 

Update on the trip thing to sydney my school was actually retarded enough to give the places out by a random pick instead of selecting the two strongest candidates which actually hurts me inside that they could be so misguided and politically correct, expect an angry post in a few days about it. 

I found this summer one in Ontario that looks dope as hell, and its all subsidized so my total cost is only like less than £1000 including flights which is mad. I also have another choice of doing this global leaders camp for two weeks for double the price in some shitehole down south. But the problem is my parents. Mother and father are terrified that I might get shanked by someone and they literally have to follow me. Like last time for my carphone training they came down to Birmingham for the weekend just to make sure I got to my hotel safely and didn’t get lost in the train station and when I booked a different train home than my mother she almost had a melt down. 

I heard her calling her friend about if I went to a summer school in France or something she would have to come and just make sure I was okay which is terrifying. 

I think I would be okay going to Canada on my own, literally all I would need to do is change flights but I’m not surprised if my mother would want to come as well. The protectionism is annoying and honestly makes me feel like a retard and is annoying as hell but perhaps it is just my inflated teenage ego thinking I would be fine but who knows. Last time I had a meltdown when I found out she had to come to Birmingham with me. 

I think it might just be an only child thing with your parents paranoid about literally everything, whilst I do wish my parents would tone the fuck down its probably for fear I die and I get that but it’s just another irritating thing I hate.
Though I really shouldn’t be complaining, bout to have a bomb ass weekend trip and honestly I’m killing the game so yeah, positive thoughts only haha


2 thoughts on “Spin Dream

  1. Wait are you in good old England? Ahh go to Canada by yourself it’ll be awesome, especially because it’ll make you feel independent from les parents 🙂


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