Net Toillete

sotd: neverland – abstract. American Teen drops in a week, hype.

I was meant to get back to edinburgh at 10:30 last night, but due to extenuating circumstances (well they changed one of the brakes on a wheel, I just wanted to use a pretentious phrase) we didn’t get home until half one in the morning, I made the stupid decision to stay up until half past two for some reason ie youtube and now I’m regretting it because I have been dead for most of the day.

On the plane during the mad delay I tried to just fire out a few essays and personal statements, whilst they are written they’re not even coherent in the least. At the time of writing I was already sleep deprived and mentally battered so yeah really not good.

On the topic I thought I’d talk about thinking something through before you do it. After I found out about the physics decision, I sent this email which was semi scathing but veiled so it wasn’t totally awful. I reckon if I had phrased it differently I would be in deep shit.

So that’s the lesson, have a think and read over things the day after before sending them off because they’re probably complete shit like this blog post.


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