Quantex Clad

Sotd: ignition remix – whoever it’s by. Been humming this a lot today for some reason. 

First things first I didn’t realize but I reckon winter depression is actually a thing, maybe it’s some selection bias crap but I actually think the sun makes everyone happier. 

Next thing is a critique, focussing on the doing the most important thing first. A lot of those programs tell you to do what is most important first and that cuts down on your work time. I don’t do that rather to my detriment. I have this half hour bus ride home and I’ve spent most of it doing things I don’t need to do, a bit of Duolingo and sololearn because apparently I will need to learn basic coding one day. But I have this Mandarin speaking I need to memorise for Thursday and I haven’t even started, it’s just doing what needs to be done first. 

Whilst I would say I’m pretty good at doing that I still have issues. Like this etsy thing, I got closed down a few weeks ago and whilst I have made a few more I haven’t even bother checking them in ages. When people have heard they think I’m actually crazy, it’s literally like printing free money why don’t I do it? I’ve put all these random priorities in front of them when this is literally the most time sensitive thing I have to do. 

I will remake it one day, maybe this Saturday but who knows, I’m scared I’m becomming complacent with school and that probably is the top priority right now. 


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