Entering Life

Sotd: wild things – alessia cara. There’s a guilty part of me that actually likes this song so I skip it every time it comes up so I don’t have to address that part of myself. 

So I got a punishment exercise from my teacher yesterday and I thought it was due for the next class, when I get to class she ends up having this chat about me being complacent and trying to be a rebel in life. It turns out it said on the letter to hand it in before 9 and my missing of this showed insolence. Well I think she thought I had read it and just chosen to ignore it thinking I’m the bees knees hand it in whenever I pleased. 

So yeah, that’s great, I tried explaining but I think that furthered the whole happy-go-lucky persona she has of me. 

I think one issue that I have in school is that since I do all of my work and revision at home and generally spend my class time chatting or sitting around looking bored I just don’t work. 

I had parents evening two nights ago and probably the main message was “don’t get complacent” and “I wish he tried harder” which I feel is pretty unfair but I suppose it is true for them if they can’t see the whole story because it just looks like I’m breezing through class. 

Kinda on the topic apparently Steven coveys favourite idea is seek first to understand then to be understood and I think that’s mad important for selling phones. I do it a bit already but the beats like my boss just embody and literally don’t say anything before they have all the information. 

Finishing here because things to do and be salty aboutm