Taking L’s

sotd: young dumb and broke – khalid. Not actually released yet, just shitty youtube clips from his concerts (still gutted I missed the one in london) but vibes are real AND AMERICAN TEEN DROPS TOMORROW.

As the title suggest today’s post is all about taking l’s and losing. It’s not something I very much like and something I don’t deal well with. In the last few weeks I’ve taken a fair number of L’ firstly sydney camp thing, then this morning not getting an opportunity to watch a surgery and now I’m pretty sure I didn’t get into natural sciences summer school at cambridge.

I think we all have this thing where we forget about successes and focus only on where we failed. It’s a good thing primarily, helps you improve but it’s also weird, I’m all pissy and dejected and not thinking about the cool shit like global leaders conference and oxbridge¬†international which are probably stupid hard to get into.

I think I have to get used to taking ls. at work I was complaining about it all and the guy was like “shut the fuck up, you’re doing fine” and yeah I suppose I am, just need to get used to losing because yeah I’m nowhere near talented enough to expect to always win and if I am always winning I’m not doing nearly enough work.

Sound finishing here because I have homework because my teachers a pussy bitch making me redo it because working is more important than anything else (love her but it’s annoying and I’m tired after work)