Green on Grey

Aotd: American teen khalid. When I woke up this morning I didn’t think it had dropped with timezones and all that but I checked it anyway and lo and behold it was there. It’s very good, I’ve listened to most of it by now and I really like it but Spotify has decided that I actually want to listen to related songs instead of the album so half the time it’s not even from the album but no it’s very good, perhaps not quite as good as stoney but I still really like it. 

Today’s story is one of hope, or perhaps against the idea of hope. We’ve been reading Gatsby in class and one thing nick keeps on remarking is the man’s incredible optimism. As I walked to violin I was wondering whether or not optimism is a good thing, perhaps pessimism is actually where its at. This week has kinda been a week of disappointments, there was sydney, then some medical thing I didn’t really want but still a bummer and now this week long thing I really wanted that seems to have fallen through. 

The thing about optimism is that its always tied to something in the future that usually has no basis in reality, the chances of it falling through are pretty high and with that your positive feelings towards it. 

As Gatsby says ” what’s the point of doing things when you can have as much fun thinking about doing them.” it’s probably not a direct quote as I don’t have the book in from of me but it’s the general gist. It is fun thinking about all the cool things that you can do when you have that thing, almost as fun as actually having it. The only problem is eventually you’re faced with the truth which is inescapable. Very macabre and not fun but eh it was what I was thinking about. 

There’s this thing that Gary V keeps talking about how you should actually be pessimisstic and thus always happen and always working because you know without it things will never get better. It’s probably a good idea honestly and maybe something I’ll try for, but then again there’s lots of things to do and not enough energy to do then all. 


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