Gas Pedalling

Sotd: something from the khalid album, it’s good just not the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard. I do have some issue with him trying to edit the songs a little too much. Like the original version of saved was bloody excellent but then he had to spice it up and add weird bells and whistles and its no that good anymore. And young dumb and broke sounded amazing live even when on YouTube filmed in someone’s phone but the album version is just kinda chintzy.

Let’s talk about today. I woke up pretty refreshed which is weird because I’m still pretty down on sleep. I rock up to work around 1 and die. I’ve had this sorta cold for ages and it finally started metastasising and that wasn’t good. Within 5 minutes I’ve fucked my first contract, mind wasn’t working well enough to think of alternatives and yeah that sucks lost a contract. Then I’m dealing with some customer and kinda just fiddling about under the table and press this weird buttony thing. I think it’s just one of those pushy inny magnetic things that you get in cabinets. The customer is a tranny and jesus christ I almost made a few social faux pas when I saw the beard then her customer name was under “miss” and it was all very weird. Their partner was this kinda oldish white guy and it was all very terrifying. Someone looking like a guy with a mesh top, skinny jeans and a full beard and nose piercing with a rose gold iphone and samsung with this kinda serial killer looking boyfriend who looked 30 years older. I think the funniest part was when my colleague comes over, checks the screen sees the name as “miss” asks who that is, before the lady (well penis possessor who takes that pronoun) says it’s him and my colleague tries to frantically work it out before just walking off in confusion.

Turns out the button is a panic alarm. 15 minutes later when we’re just sitting chatting we hear some sirens, then a policeman comes in asking if everything’s okay. Well shit. So apparently I set off a silent alarm and yeah bossman covered for me but then bollocked me afterwards.

So that was my day, gonna try rescue some habits of working and go to bed early so I don’t die tomorrow.