W/L Ratio

sotd: on my own – nav.

I’d never really believed all that shit about a winner effect. Even when I was telling my friend how to fix his life by mastering one thing and then that feeling pouring out into every area of his life I hadn’t really meant it. I mean it is kinda ridiculous to think that a small win in one area translates into the rest of your life.

I think I had experienced that my now I’m on the loser effect, well I say that but I dunno it’s less serious than it sounds. After taking like 4 L’s this week it’s just been weird, I sat in front of a computer last night and thought “what would make me happy right now” usually I come up with an answer like play Vain or read a little but yesterday I was just stuck. Stuck in this quandry of self-loathing and inability to be proactive and goddamn is it bad.

how to get out of it? Follow the advice I gave to young rayzay, focus on one thing and let the successes transfer  over.

This post isn’t me dropping suicidal hints nor saying I’m depressed, just lamenting at this weird rut that has appeared from when it was so succinct before. Or perhaps I’ve always been like this and only just become self-aware. Plus I have a blocked nose which is so infuriating.