Throw the Puck

Sotd: angel – khalid. Flames. 

I used to (and still kinda do have this fascination with evolutionary biology partly because I think it’s part of the future of everything and also because it’s just fun little ideas. Basically the idea is trying to dissect current behaviours and other things in relation to things that happened to us 38583975839 years ago. 

I’ve no idea where I was going with that. I keep having this phrase bandying around in my head “lost in the sauce” I think it’s some kind of rapper thing which I think means to be lost in your own hype. Like if drake one day actually decided that he was the best rapper of all time and just never bothered writing another lyric again. But then again drake doesn’t write his own lyrics so perhaps he’d be fine. Musings about the current state of the rap industry aside here’s what I mean. The general consensus of my teachers is that I don’t revise and that I literally just waltz into exams and do them. The opposite is true but it’s gotten to this point with my awful short term memory where only ideas in my head of me revising is not doing it and that’s backed up by what others are saying. 

I need to start again, exams aren’t that too far off and I at least need to learn everything I’ve done this term. Perhaps this weekend. 

One thing with having to work all of Saturday it’s like if I’m one step behind I’m fucked. I’ve managed to be able to all my homework during class partly because of a lax teacher who doesn’t care and borrowing lots of textbooks from people. 

On another tangent I keep complaining I don’t have enough time then spend a good amount of time on Vainglory so that’s obviously a lie. 

Nuff said, need to appreciate nature and do some other things before I get home (light flex)


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