Weak Feet

Sotd: oh well – geazy. 

Today’s post is about one of my biggest insecurities: how weak my feet muscles are. 

I don’t really think it’s something I’ve ever really become aware of or perhaps its a new affliction of strange muscle wastage or maybe the cold showers have caused the muscle to waste away. 

The disease as I’m going to refer to it doesn’t really affect me that much in daily life but sometimes it’s just debilitating. The other day I was running to some event and spontaneously my foot gives out on me and I retardedly stumble around trying to regain my composure.

Walking down the turret after class my foot just gives up again and I fall down a couple steps randomly.

All very distressing stuff. I don’t actually have a disease nor am I that concerned about it just knowing I probably need to work on it somehow. The bus is packed so honestly I need something I could type easily on a swipey keyboard one handed and damn these things are accurate nowadays.