Taking The Reins

Sotd: dreaming with our eyes open – witt lowry. I used to really like Witt, Witt was the music I listened to like a year ago when I was down and yeah he’s very teenage angst. 

It’s weird to think I’ve almost had this for two years. It definitely doesn’t feel like it but the only reason I’m sure it has been that long is because I remember starting it one summer and the next summer I was prewriting blog posts because I was stuck in Communist china. 

I think about about the same stuff last year, stuff about how little habits every day eventually pay off and you get mountains from molehills, well maybe I didn’t say it like that but it was something to that effect. I’ve written a few personal statements for various summer things and they’ve always asked what’s particular about you. I’ve never really known what to say, I mean there isn’t much I can think of, I don’t think very high fullutin nor can I see colour or anything like that. 

I think what I do have, or have acquired is this “dig a well before you need it” it’s a little phrase from Tai Lopez before he become an Internet marketer and the idea is to work before you need to for bigger rewards. That doesn’t really make much sense but the way I see it now is doing things and having faith they’ll pay off eventually. 

There’s really no point in writing these blog posts, an individual blog post does nothing for me honestly, it doesn’t improve my diction, writing nor anything else. But something cool happens once you keep doing it for a whole. I now have a writing portfolio of over 500*300 words. Sure most posts are trash but there’s some gems that can be found and these wouldn’t have come out otherwise. 

If I had just aimed for instantaneous results I wouldn’t have this nor anything else really. 

Like revising for exams has no real instant gratification, learning something by rote actually doesn’t improve daily life, it’s easy to justify stopping but deciding to continue anyway and that builds up until one day the results pay off. 

The same thing really applies for anything that you do daily, like piano one day of practise has almost no yield but over a few months I can master something technically impressive. 

Same thing goes for working out and other things and yeah I think this is what I wanted to write, how faith in the process gets results. 

I wrote this partly because I think I’m slipping, wanting too much instantaneous gratification and leaving things way too late. I need a week or so to get ahead of everything and then crush it.