Madness in Great Ones

sotd: something goody grace because he was in a daily doc and whilst I do think they’re kinda trash now and not very cool because it’s no longer about the come up or just being cool kids.

Today I went to some lecture and it was the most incredible yet terrifying thing I had ever heard. It was entitled something like “being a beast” and it was an awful journey getting there, I lost my phone and had to ask some random guy for directions on his phone, maybe I’ve started dressing like a hobo but he thinks I’m gonna steal his phone, after a lot of persuading that in fact I could afford my own phone and would rather kill myself than steal his puny microsoft lumia he relented and gave me the address. I turn up and it’s just a couple of old white people but whatever I sit down and get ready to listen.

Now I had thought the talk was going to be like evolutionary biology theory which is something I find quite fascinating, this talk was not about that. The man taking it was called Charles Foster and is probably a genius holding two masters from oxford and all. But when a talk begins with him discussing the terroir of different earthworms you know you’re fucked.

The whole premise is that he believes that humans only use their sight as their main sense and that there are a whole host of other sensations that we neglect and the rest of the animal kingdom utilise very well. Somehow from here he makes a quantum leap into trying to imitate animals. He recounts a story of how he and his son- who was 8 at the time. Dug a hole into the side of a hill and lived there for 8 months with occasional visits to reality and yeah it was terrifying.

So yeah he spent literally years of his life pretending to be animals and dragged his kids into it. Fucking bonkers. I liked a few things he said, stuff about us not appreciating life enough but honestly some meditations will fix that, would write more but have things to do. One thing was terrifying though, he said he was pretty happy his kid had serious dyslexia and wished it on the others, whilst it is cool they can perhaps reason better abstractly it’s something you can teach to the others and yeah some of his stuff is just weird. He spent 5 minutes rambling about what it’s like to eat a worm which was just weird.

But I suppose it’s all food for thought and shows how some people are just truly passionate about their subject.


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