No Real Jobs

sotd: vainglory evil 8 because I’ve watched that more than I have listened to music so yeah.

The premise for this post is the idea that I don’t really consider my job a real job.

It’s not really hard to see why. I work 8 hours a week which is almost nothing. It’s sales so I just chat to people all day and I get to talk about things I like – phones. Even getting the job wasn’t really like getting a job. I applied in the summer on a whim (well forcing myself to stop being a bitch, there’s a blog post about it if you’re eager enough to look for it)

I’ve talked before about how going to work is like a test of how my week has gone (just as cold showers are a test of how my day has gone) and if I feel like I had a good week I usually have a good day in store. There’s just this awesome feeling when you’re crushing it in store and doing mad good sales pitches.

The problems of not really considering it a job is that I don’t feel this need to work overtime. Like usually after store closes we need like half an hour to just sort shite out and I always try leaving when my contract says it ends. It’s something that irritates my boss and something I need to fix. Otherwise I don’t feel this need to try that hard, I’ve given up tonnes of opportunities and I don’t really treat it like a job, once I’m off shift I don’t even try to work on it and like selling insurance which is a big part of the job I don’t even bother trying with.

Gonna finish here, things to do, people to see, strawberries to eat.


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