You do You

sotd: used to this – future/drake Always did like this song, it’s been in my youtube mix a few times but i’ve┬ánever remembered to put it in here until young man levi bent-lee put it on his instagram. Before anything else I’m not really a fan of new daily docs so the bent-lee family have replaced young escalona.

Listening to one of those podcasts by the most hated man in the world and he’s talking about being happy. After being ripped apart by most of the world’s media it’s not hard to see why he’s talking about this subject, his main idea is that as kids we are shamed about doing things, after that we try and reject that part of ourselves for the rest of our lives and that stops us from ever being happy.

Not to go back into that weird woo-woo shit that I was doing last summer but I thought it was a cool idea. I know for myself my parents aren’t exactly the most outgoing people and whenever I was being exuberant┬áI would get shut down by them and I think that’s the reason why I’m still kinda weird when it comes to being extroverted.

As a total tangent to the start of this I read this thing on instagram about how people who are bilingual literally have two personalities and I reckon that’s pretty accurate. Partly due to the fact I sound like an old woman when I speak chinese and only really speak it in front of my parents or other old asian people and english is what I use with my friends or just out and about. Kinda too lazy to write more plus another blog post and an english essay to write so finishing here YA DIG