High Flying Planes

Sotd: no faith in Brooklyn – last song I heard and yeah I used to like it a lot so there. 

I’m sure the title comes from a noel gallagher song or something that I’ve never listened to but I’ve seen a few times. The actual point of this blog is about higher planes of thinking. It’s weird to explain and frankly I don’t even understand it myself but the idea is that we don’t know that we don’t know what we don’t know – triple darkness as ETs mum says. 

I’m listening to some show with a guy called Jordan Peterson who is supposedly a genius in Joe Rogan. I should say I hate Joe as a presenter, talks way too much and says the same thing every time but this guy is cool. They’re discussing schools of thought about American universities or something and I’m thinking about it and I’m sure there’s a way to sum it up, to encapsulated all the ideas succinctly but it’s always on the tip of my tongue and I just can’t say it its like my brain just can’t even fathom it but I know there’s something there. 

Doing that physics paper I felt like I knew the answer but my brain couldn’t physically gather all the ideas floating around and output them in a way I could understand them. I physically couldn’t have come up with an answer even if I wanted to. 

So that’s today’s post, I need to figure out how to think better, the answers probably nutrition and meditation and eventually I’ll need to fix one of them but today is not the day (or is that a closed mindset?)