Smack Down Valley

Sotd: ahh yeahh – oliver. Most fire. 

Joe rogan jesus christ. Been listening to him more than usual just because he’s had fire guests. This week was Dan pena and nothing has ever made me want to throw my phone in a gutter than this one. 

Dan pena is basically the biggest badass in the world, he’s like 85 and still smashes it out and is literally incredible. I’ve heard a podcast with him before about business and it was awesome and this was potentially a 3 hour version of this. It isnt. Well to be honest maybe I’m judging a little too hard but it’s just the man talking about hunting and fighting and all the other tropes that Joe talks about all day. I think I used to like all his old ones but recently it’s become played out. 

The same thing happened with Justin escalona. Back in the summer when I was still in china trying to avoid the Internet I spent my only hour or so a day with the Internet watching daily docs. It was just so cool watching the kid grow up and hang out at university. 

I think the two have different problems that aren’t the same but I suppose similar. Joe is just someone who once heard that what he did about being himself and having opinions was cool, that has now become played out and nasty frankly. Justin decided that being himself wasn’t enough and aspired to be better and lost his original shine. 

The actual point to all this I suppose is that the reason they both now have gone downhill is because they don’t listen to criticism. They box themselves up and fail to listen to anyone else convinced they have it correct. The point of this post is that I need to get better at listening to criticism and needed all this stuff to get to the point. 


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