Raining and Pouring 

Sotd: angels (carnage remix) straight flames. I haven’t really listened to edm in a while and I’ve forgotten that it was actually quite good and not some bassy drivel they play at Friday weights. 

“When it rains it pours” is probably the wrong proverb for what I’m writing about today but it kinda relates. We all have shit periods, where nothing seems to go right and all you can do is just sit there and hope it gets better. I think that is the key just trust in some process and hope it gets better in the end. 

For sure you can’t just quit and hope the bad times to away because they won’t – there’s no reason to but then eventually it all just falls through and you get rewarded immeasurably. 

I suppose this applies to me, after a month or so of absolutely eating the shit at physics I think it’s over. Well I did get 28% in a physics exam and that’s a travesty and a half but whatever. (I should say that the pass mark is probably around 20% and that kinda justifies it but not really). I got an email in school today from a summer school in the Czech Republic, for a week or so last month I’d tried to apply to one summer thing every day and that had eventually led to a little summer school in a small town near Prague. I think it’s kinda prestigious and I would check but my internets broken so that’s a definite no. 

Also got a killer reference for the one in Ontario and I’m liking my chances. 

The one downside is if I do get into Ontario I would have to choose between four different summer schools to go to and that’s gonna be a hard one. Though I suppose it is a pretty good problem to have. 

+ an interview for a week long business course this week which I’m sure I’ll crush. 

Things are looking up


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