My Prophetic Soul

Sotd: woke the fuck up – Jon bellion. The bougie music app I use decides it’s fun to put artist pictures up as my lockscreen for whoever is playing. It’s usually fine because it’s either tasteful cover art or white men but now and again there’s just pictures of nicki minaj in skin tight outfits that just something I want coming up on my phone in public. 

Despite my uncompramising failure to get into anything related to oxbridge my school took us to some conference on how to get into the two universitys. My dad keeps wanting me to go to these things but honestly I don’t really see the value in them. It seems that it really is quite simple to get into a good university, just do well in exams. 

Simple isn’t easy as someone important says and yeah it’s true. There is a real danger I fuck up my entire university application due to a bad English grade and currently I’m not doing anything to rectify the problem. The same goes for violin which is simple enough to fix – just practise more but I’m refusing to do it for some reason. 

Why people seen incapable of doing what they know is good for them perplexes me and I would talk more about it if I had enough time but honestly I’m drowning in shit to do and time not procrastinating to do it in.