Fillibuster Feelings

sotd: winter – khalid.

WOOHOOO. After half a year of the biggest drought in Geek Squad sales in recorded history (that’s a total lie) I finally got them, two in a row.

There’s this feeling of incredible accomplishment when you finally nail something that’s been plaguing you for so long. This was literally ruining my whole work life. Every time I turned up to work I was terrified of my boss calling me out and then firing me promptly.

I mean when my other colleague who literally doesn’t give a fuck about anything decided to sit me down and say my sales for insurance was fucking atrocious was a little worrying because this guy doesn’t really care about anything. I think he was a little scared that my boss hadn’t realised and that when he did I would get fired and then he would lose his millennial buddy who was the only person who doesn’t loathe him.

So that part of my life is fixed, probably won’t do that well on it but I have the confidence now and it feels good.

I think one thing I have realised is that I need to be less hard on myself. I keep getting pissed off that I’m not some supremely efficient guy where every second has a point, but maximillian and a bit of hulse reassured me that honestly it’s fine and that’s very good.

I think I do finally know what I want to do at university, Natural Sciences at Cambridge looks lit and I think I can get there, just need to knuckle down and put in the work. That or I do an apprenticeship and join the city but apparently you need a degree to prove you’re good enough for most banking jobs.

I am rather tempted to do something to do with saving the earth, it was a major fear of mine as a kid that the world would die and yeah ,maybe that’s what I’ll end up doing, until then essays to write and things to sign up for.


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