His Favourite Song

sotd: sipping tea in the hood – xxxtentacionxxx. This song just left me incredibly confused and honestly it was just very weird and scary to listen to but still quite enjoyable.

I don’t ever really try and muse on the meaning of song lyrics but there’s one from chance’s brother, Taylor Bennett that is quite good: “someone told him his favourite song” now I probably mishear it and the real lyric is nothing like that but the idea is something I noticed in myself last night. Currently they’re running VG 8 which is like a weekly competition for Vainglory and it’s mad fire, it also means I’m on 5 hours sleep and made lots of bad decisions but whatever. One thing when watching them play is that I have clear favourites, I get mad if one team is winning and annoyed if “my” team is losing. I’ve made up weird reasons for liking certian teams maybe off of their player names but honestly there’ no real reason for choosing a “side” but it severely affects my enjoyment of the game and I think that’s odd.

I’ve started watching those music reaction videos to songs that I really like, I’m not quite sure why, perhaps seeing that soemone else likes the music I like brings some safety to the rash choice and shows that I can’t be called out for it because some random guy on the internet also likes it. .

So that’s my sunday morning musings, bye.









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