Why No One Visits

Sotd: lambourghini tears – Marc goone

So yesterday during my chill time I ended up watching some old daily docs because I didn’t really believe that the old ones were that much better. Turns out I was wrong, daily docs used to have fire then they became overproduced and he tried to hard to not be a teenager and it was very boring. The 100 days vid was awesome and I think I’ll try make one this summer if all goes to plan. I doubt I’ll use to same song but maybe the carnage remix – who knows, who cares still months until that. 

I dont really have anything to say today, what is the point of this blog? It’s weird trying to think about it. My old excuse is for that mad university application but my parents are gonna read that ergo i can’t put this in. Perhaps so I’m the future I can see what I was like as a kid but I doubt I’ll bother. Theres others like improving my English but honestly I’m just repeating the same grammatical mistakes over and over again on this with no end. 

I tried to quit once, back at the one year anniversary but it was weird, I freaked out at the last minute and pussied out of it so I’ll probably end up writing another year. All these are questions for another day unfortunately, one where I’m bored enough to think of these things.