Fiery Descent

Sotd: blacker the berry – kendrick

Best scenes on the bus listening to 14 year olds chatting about how they’re gonna “beat the shit out of the cunt” which I think is very cute. I think one of those funny things to watch are kids fighting because it just looks so funny when they’re flailing around. So that’s my weird thing that I don’t actually enjoy because I don’t watch it because I don’t really search for it. 

One thing I think is weird is the possibility of the dark web. This mythical place where everything exists from the most fucked up places imaginable. I don’t really think I believe in it just because it seems too weird, there can’t be that many fucked up thing – hopefully it’s some modern day myth. 

Then again I dont believe I’ve ever met a truly evil Chinese person but the west is convinced about it, actually the west is probably right there’s a billion of us I wouldn’t be surprised if some of us were totally kooky. Finishing here because eh need to prepare for an interview and other things that need to be done – ie Kevin is drowning in schoolwork and doesn’t want to admit it. 


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