Fnatic Nightmare

sotd: around your heart – witt lowry

Firstly to say I’m incredibly confused. Last night I spent my time trying to figure out why my computer seemed devastatingly broken, I just couldn’t seem to fix it and couldn’t close any of my tabs.

Turns out my mousepad had decided in the night to just swap the keys around and my mousepad buttons had swapped so neither did the intended job. I fixed it now, by switching to left handed mode, well I say  fixed it but I just tried again and it is not doing anything just taking a fuck load of time, it’s alright I have a touchscreen laptop so not the worst thing in the world.

Today work was a joy, had a chat with the bossman, sat outside the shop for a bit on some bollards chatting shit and enjoying the summer sun whilst laughing about how shit brexit is. Then I get to work, smash 3 sim onlys, do the best problem solving of my life and smash out a double sub and geek and two other subs and it was just fun.

I think that is what my “passion” is, solving problems. When I realised that instead of just repairing this womans phone I could get two subs and a  new geek squad and as I tried sorting out the finances so she actually saved money it was just really fun to do.

Lotta stuff to do this weekend but this was an incredible start and yeah looking forward to crushing it this week.


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