Going Where I’m Going

sotd- these days – mike stud.

Yesterday as we sat on the front porch of the shop basking in the glow of the sun my boss drops a few lines on me. One that he’s the best manager in the region and should be recognised as such (nice to adults also still like gloating) but the other one was pretty funny and maybe potentially useful.

“it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just what they think you’re doing.”

Before I start my post I’d like to add I fucking paid a customer a fiver yesterday out of my own bank account so she would have enough money to buy a phone, that’s dedication / me being petty trying to outsell my other colleagues.

What the big bossman was talking about was these shitty performance metrics we have, not like real metrics but stuff like pressing a button that shows our competitors deals, press the map button to show the coverage, collect all customer data and shite like that. Turns out no one does it they just press the buttons afterwards and input the weirdest shite when it comes to email address and phone number.

The point of this isn’t  for all the budding carphoners in the world but to say that in this world currently rhetoric and saying you’re going to do shit is applauded more than actually getting out there and doing it. I mean how many instagram accounts are full of people saying they’re gonna do cool shit, start trying hard and then the comments are filled with people with the flex emoji because they want to hype the person up. Whilst the people actually doing it do it quietly in the background. Sure one is applauded but which one would you rather be? live a lie or live your life (gonna coin that one, it’s fuego)

I think what I need to realise is that it’s unlikely that you’re gonna have people on your team all the way and sometimes you just need to keep going in a predetermined direction.

I am a little pissed that last year when I was stuck in China I didn’t bother writing down my goals, like short term long term and decades from now. Maybe I would’ve been too pessimistic, maybe it would give me something huge to aim for but right now I think I’m in need of a definite long term goal because right now whenever I procrastinate there’s no real problem, I just change my goals. Instead I should be watching my chances of reaching my goals dissolve whenever I waste time, that would be the ideal situation.


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