Guala Guala

sotd: weekend; louis the child – some white girl one of those white girl bangers that they play and all the white girls make that funny sound and scream in happiness that they can relate to some other privileged white girl from another part of the world.

Had an awful falafel today that was just not what I needed, it was an excellent falafel in fairness but I really shoudl’ve gotten a chicken shwarma but for some reason I was convinced that the fake chickpea meat substitute was going to please me but boy it did not.

Today’s post is the confusion that is my life or rather my future. Well honestly its just about life after school. My goal is to study natural sciences at cambridge I think, I enjoy sciences and really like things like that and I think the courses are good (plus it also lets me sneakily do anthropology without my parents having to disown me in the process). But I don’t think it’s what I’ll do with my life, not enough fun in the world of sciences right now, the way I’m headed I’ll probably be one of those stuffy corporate raiders and honestly I’m fine with that for a few years. So basically this is me complaining about getting banking work experience when I won’t study banking first which is very sad and a very high quality problem to have but I also have things to do like watch vainlgory, cry at the travesty that is my revision and violin and mope a lot and hopefully crush out some work. Also understand why I never feel truly hydrated right now, like part of my mouth is just constantly parched and its very sad.



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