Life on Fire

sotd: pre-occupied – jon bellion. Starts kinda whack but gets fire in the last few lines.

I don’t think one of the best days of recent memory would’ve come from one of the most annoying to most people. For a start I woke up at 6:30 to fit in an hour or so of violin before school because I was working until 8 tonight (just got off).

I realised how good I felt as I walked into school, it was kinda weird but I was just kinda more lively and energetic and more in my body. It is a kinda weird thing, I feel like I’ve been on an upward spiral recently (the only thing that really correlates to this is more music and waking up an hour earlier every night so who knows, next big fad?) and things have just been awesome, best interactions of my life and things are just popping. I think it is something that other people can sense, or perhaps my teachers were just being extra snarky today but I felt like they tried shutting me down a few times.

So yeah that’s me being happy and all. One topic that got brought up a few times a day is how I cope with everything, well I don’t cope. Or well it doesn’t feel like coping. Like sure I don’t have much time to do everything but I set it out all nice and do what I’m supposed to and everything wraps itself in  a little bow at the end of it all.

I think I am lucky in that respect, I’ve built up a personality that is happy doing pretty much anything. I get the same pleasure from going to Carphone that going out. Listening to music and doing homework is about the same as watching a youtube video so yeah I think that’s my talent, I’ve made myself enjoy the mundane things.

So yeah, that’s a little salute to the grind and doing everything you can, makes life more enjoyable.

(I’ve done a fair bit of intermittent fasting as well due to the early mornings meaning I can pretend to have had breakfast so perhaps that’s the real secret to happiness?)


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