Sotd: the toblerone theme song – I’m sure they don’t have one but either way I thought I would put it in for some reason. 

First things first, didn’t get into the bank of England programme, pretty annoyed because it could’ve been awesome but honestly it’s a learning experience and shows that I still have way further to go until I get there. 

Here’s the story of my teacher. Honestly I would call her an anarchist, took every chance to repel the establishment and fight the power that are the exam boards. Said lady is now retired but it recently came out that she was the principal assessor for the subject. 

What does this mean on reflection? She played one of the greatest long cons ever. There’s so many things that we’ve thought about that she said that in reflection that are just hilarious. Just to say the head assessor is the person who oversees like what’s in the course and what’s in the exam of course they’re not really meant to divulge it or anything and she didn’t because honestly we had absolutely no clue. 

She had an intense loathing for the exam boards for the way they structured the course, or rather she seemed to be mad at her own ability to set the course. Frequently she would say she was sending letters about why things weren’t in the syllabus or why they were. These letters were sent to herself. 

After our final exams she asked us to bring her an exam paper. Strange as it turns out she wrote it. 

So this is in congratulations to my teacher who ran the biggest dual life con ever and might’ve even beaten Batman in that respect because Bruce Wayne never actually sent a letter to batman. 


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