Manny Power

sotd: guala – geazy

Eh I think the talk of the day is about how people make money or something like that, that’s a horrible little start to it but it’ll fit.

Two things struck me today as I went about my day, one thing was as I sat in work wondering about how people actually do the carphone stuff as a full time job and how harrowing that sounds, et has this old phrase about warriors in suits or something like that and it literally is. I feel like I’ve lost years of my life arguing to indian men about them being able to get better deals elsewhere and the stress of putting through contracts yet still people clamor to get more hours of work a week. Maybe it’s love for the work, maybe it’s for the money but honestly the people that work at carphone deserve to be paid way more than they are now because they’re talented as shit salespeople. Perhaps all it takes from them to get a significantly better pay in a sales job would be doing some interviews but alas hardly anyone bothers so they’re stuck at carphone, thought it is pretty cool getting the galaxy s8 a full 3 weeks before general release.

The next little vignette of the day was going to some random guy’s house who for a fee plays the piano for you in your exams, apparently he’s a composer but moonlights as this to pay the bills and yeah I just think that’s pretty sad that you can’t sustain yourself just by pursuing your dream but honestly I reckon the guy in his little flat composing music has way more fun that people in penthouses. The only thing I think it would take for him to blow up is just putting himself out there and branching out and making connections and honestly he could blow up.

So the post is maybe about how people with just a little more effort can change their lives but don’t know to do it or don’t bother.

The other part is about being happy with what you do and that’s something I haven’t really considered in a while, Justin dropped a video after a week long hiatus and the whole idea was that he’d lost his focus and decided to try and collect money and influence instead of just having fun – and maybe one day after all this is said and done I realise that I was chasing the wrong thing, run to mexico for a spiritual retreat and return a vegan crossfitter – I shudder at the very thought of it.