Blood Red Leather

Sotd: act my age – hoodie allen. One of those coming of age songs that was well good back in the day and from them on I’ve always smashed that skip button. 

Low key when you start reading those symptom lists online you convince yourself that you have each and every disease imaginable. I’m convinced I’m prediabietic now but I doubt it, I don’t eat that much sugar but then again those weak Asian genetics might’ve let me down. 

I’m trying to think of an idea, but I’m way too parched and my only thought is trying to survive this bus ride and Jesus it’s awful. 

Let’s talk about my inability to do anything for myself. Exhibit A. I left my watch at badminton on Sunday, badminton is set at my school so my school probably has my watch. The sports hall is like a 4 minute walk from the main campus, it is now Wednesday and I haven’t even bothered trying to get it. My next time I’m in there is Friday morning and that’s when I’ll ask. The laziness is unbelievable. 

Yesterday before a maths test I was sure I should go and revise, it’s kinda important for me not to fail maths this year and yeah it would be good if I did well. But na my friends couldn’t be bothered so I just stayed with them and not revise. I ended up getting slaughtered by the maths test. 

My punctuation in this is fucking horrible but I’m kinda under slept and dehydrated and its a very bad way to live your life. 

I had this thought this morning that I should find a way to get myself addicted to sleep rather than like my phone or something because sleep is just so awesome and makes me so happy when I do it well and yeah something needs to happen so that sleep becomes my #1 addiction. 

There was something else on this topic but I’m too confused to do it. Actually it was about me dropping some habits for convenience like I haven’t read in a week or so and haven’t played piano in a while but I’ve had other things to focus on so it’s kinda merited but not really – I’ll try and work on it but who knows, first I need some water 


Bai Pie

sotd: hardwell at ultra 2017. Flames – started listening to edm again as revision music partly because you don’t really need to skip anything and it’s just an hour of flames.

Sundays have been revision days and honestly they never stack up to what I think they’ll be. I’m always convinced I’ll have these uber efficient days where I just crush out work but by this time in the week I’m usually dead in a ditch and that’s very sad because I get sad when I don’t crush out work.

You hear stories of people being so motivated that they work until the early hours of the morning on that grind. I’m not especially motivated honestly I just like being able to say I’m killing it, listening to Berger this morning he talks about how unhappiness is correlated to just not doing anything with your life and I think I’m inclined to agree, some of the worst time I’ve had this year where when I was “relaxing” and not doing anything for myself. Maybe it’s doing shit for yourself, maybe it’s maybelline either way I have things to do and other blogs to write so bai.