Bai Pie

sotd: hardwell at ultra 2017. Flames – started listening to edm again as revision music partly because you don’t really need to skip anything and it’s just an hour of flames.

Sundays have been revision days and honestly they never stack up to what I think they’ll be. I’m always convinced I’ll have these uber efficient days where I just crush out work but by this time in the week I’m usually dead in a ditch and that’s very sad because I get sad when I don’t crush out work.

You hear stories of people being so motivated that they work until the early hours of the morning on that grind. I’m not especially motivated honestly I just like being able to say I’m killing it, listening to Berger this morning he talks about how unhappiness is correlated to just not doing anything with your life and I think I’m inclined to agree, some of the worst time I’ve had this year where when I was “relaxing” and not doing anything for myself. Maybe it’s doing shit for yourself, maybe it’s maybelline either way I have things to do and other blogs to write so bai.


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