Structured Haiku

Sotd: watercolours – machineheart

It’s weird listening to people just talking about things like teenage drama, it’s entertaining of course but just odd that people spend so much time talking about literal drivel that ends up nowhere. I know that sounds incredibly autistic of me to say but I dunno I find it odd.

When I walked onto the bus I saw this girl in a hijab that has the louis print but also the gucci stripe and that was mad cool. Another thing that confuses me are those that drop like all their money on supreme and vetements and stuff like that. Sure some of their stuff is pretty cool and bogos look alright I suppose but when you’re buying the awful snow suits or just normal track pants that have a supreme label on your ass it’s just kinda funny. Maybe I’m just being salty because I can’t even afford a bogo but that’s my new thing looking at overpriced not that worth it clothes. My weird things on YouTube have gone from pokemon to phones to cooking to hypebeasts – hopefully it eventually moves to something more useful in life. Though that Benjamin kicks guy makes a killing online tbh.