Having Fun

Sotd: you and me – mark e bassy. Probably spelt mark wrong but whatever. 

I always seem to have one of these topics that just keep popping up when I go around my day. Today was about how I have fun whilst studying or how you’re meant to enjoy work. 

For me if was pretty damn hard, I used to love just sitting around playing Pokemon and fannying around and and moving to sitting around doing sums before bed. A lot of it was just me being convinced that work wasn’t fun and that I needed to do “fun” things to temper that. I would do some work then get my little reward of the ds and grind on that Pokemon and that’s how I was brought up, work a little get a reward of not working. I think that is a trap, being convinced that work isn’t fun and as you work more you relax more and then get literally nothing done. 

The big shift was just realising that relaxing wasn’t that fun. I took less enjoyment from sitting in front of the tv for four hours than getting things I needed done. 

Listening to red beard again its refreshing listening to him talking about these things and how really there’s not really much point in these things people call fun like sitting in front of a tv for hours and just doing what you want to do with your time. 

It’s all a little disjointed but I think I just wanted to say that fun is over emphasized and in reality you can have fun doing almost anything. 

Though I still think a good session in front of the tv screen bingging for hours is warrented now and then.