Hacking Cough

Sotd: dead sea – the lumineers. 

Today as I sat in the church hall I felt an all too familiar tickle in the back of my neck. I get it every now and then, this disconcerting feeling like a small scratch at the back of my throat and it signals doom.

I’m not sure when it started or why or how and why it continues to plague me to this day but I’ve been afflicted for a good few years now. 

I just get this hacking cough when I’m dehydrated and its awful, the only real way to end it and not make a sound it to just kinda do this low raking cough that makes me sound like I’m going to die and it feels like it and after a few minutes of that I get through and live my life the normal way. 

So yeah when that happens I slowly die a quiet death. 

So yeah that happened in church today and it was fucking horrible.