We Home, Boys

sotd: new years day- oliver. Been checking his stuff out more seriously recently and I’m liking it, not really sure what I would call the style but still very good.

This morning I sat my violin exam, it’s been a bloody while since I did a music exam. It’s weird they always freaked me out a shitload, like for my last piano one I took the whole day off school, sat around with a warm towel around my head and did a mindfulness walk in nature before I sat the exam. This one less so, sure it was a much lower level but still I was spending more time watching youtube than actually learning my pieces and it was kinda scary watching myself procrastinate that much and lowkey it scared me.

It was just really hard trying to get myself to focus on it and go all in. I think part of it was not really ever enjoying violin and thus not really ever willing to go at it properly.

So that’s over and am I happy, get to enjoy my lovely piano, get friday¬†afternoons off and get an extra hour or so every night which will prove very useful in the intervening months. National exams are in a month or so and it’s time to get locked in. I reckon I might delete social media or at least have that timer thing or just willpower it through but I’m ready to go all in. Shit’s gonna be lit. I’ll also have longer to write now everyday so that’s very good and I might actually get some good stuff written (then again I’m spending all day cooped up at home so who knows there probably won’t be incredible material to write about).

Welcome back to the good life kids.

Also that marks the end of violin which means the dissolution of me doing anything I really don’t like doing so yeah gonna get that grind awn.