wing stop

sotd: lwtgg – oliver. the intro is kinda wack but I like the rest of it thus is gets prime position as sotd – I hope oliver is very happy with this and gives me a shoutout or something like that.

One concern I have is that I’m really not going all that all in for these exams. It’s a day or two into study leave and I really haven’t done much, just looked over the course but I find myself with tonnes of spare time and really I’m just concerned I’m not going all in.

I think I’ll just say it, I’m looking to get a best in scotland at something. I’m pretty sure I’ve set myself up well enough to get one and I really think I could, courseworks fucked me last year but this year I think I did pretty well. My exam technique is pretty good and I think I can do it. I know how to get there, that’s the good thing about knowing someone who’s already done it – the path is simple. Just do pastt papers until you pass out. Apparently he’d done 30 past papers per subject. At 2 and a half hours each thats 75 hours of past papers – not bad.

Scary shit whilst I sit around watching old escalona, buying refurbished BlackBerry’s and playing Vainglory and catching up on old tv shows. It’s weird that I’m probably procrastinating more now that ever in the face of exams – perhaps its a coping mechanism or maybe I just need things to write about. 


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