Flaming Goji Berries

sotd: good life freestyle – oliver.

Few things to say today. Firstly when I put my phone against my computer it always locks itself which is weird as hell perhaps some magnet wizadry. Also my things are also flipped and it still annoys me because I have to use a mouse on a laptop which is really counterintuitive to having a laptop.

Next thing is my anger towards Black sails, or perhaps black flag or whatever that really cool tv show was called and really liked the show, it’s about pirates acting our against their overlords from the old world and looking for their freedom. They have this awesome protagonist who is such a beast and yeah last episode so I was looking forward to it. The ending, I’m going to spoil it – is that the leader of the revolution gives up because he finds out his gay partner lives on a farm in a tiny island in the middle of nowhere and so he gives up the last 5 years of his life (which apparently is just him being pissed off about losing his gay buddy) and goes to that island and lives as a gay peasant farmer. Look I’m all for gay relationships and that stuff in media but when the biggest badass of all time just gives up his holy crusade to go smooch guys on a farm you can’t help but being pissed.


There was something else to say but I had a mad break and grabbed lunch and wandered around for a bit and now I’m kinda behind but happy. I just remembered what it was but too late now.