Going To War

sotd: headlights – robin schulz and isley or something or other.

sipping on my fake iskiate, waiting for my vitamins to arrive after just eating some raw saeurkraut I sometimes wonder what the fuck happened. Today started off pretty well, didn’t wake up as early as I wanted but that was me being an idiot went to the gym, did pretty basic stuff but it work me up, especially when I dropped a dumbell on my finger and now can’t feel my right thumb. I’m starting off the day for real now at 10:30 and yeah it is pretty late, almost as bad as yesterday but I don’t mind because I’m invigorated and ready and everything’s set up nicely.

A few years ago when I was a young padawan trying to get into revising I listened to a lot of Eric Thomas for that mad motivation, I think it worked and I stopped listening to him eventually (so I imagine it did work) and one line he says I still remember is “going to war” I can’t remember what he meant as in like going to the gym should be like going to war but whatever it’s something I always mumble to myself as I’m about to enter an exam that and “warriors in suits” which is another ET amorphism. It’s a funny little way of looking at it but it does get you in the right mindset and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

A year or so ago when I first did my “social suicide” I quit social media for a month, I’m not sure how hard I find it then but two days ago I just cut it off, couldn’t be bothered with it anymore and yeah not really feeling an impact. Redbeard has this spiel that anything feels the same to him. He gets the same pleasure from a kale salad and a big mac, cold plunge pools and warm showers. He’s gone past the point of caring of the trivial things and I think that is a really cool thing to just be singularly focussed on one thing and not bitch about each and every little thing.

But then again I random impulse bought a blackberry on saturday because now I have money I want to get all the shit my parents wouldn’t get me back in the day so…next is a PSP and netflix membership. But who knows I’m still awfully scrupulous with my money and still convinced I’m sking 24/7