Oreo on Feet

sotd: work song – hozier.

eh today’s post is about little choices or kinda big choices or choices or who knows, I’m kinda watching complex in the background. I did some interview for some placement a few weeks ago and they asked what was a big decision I made and yeah I talked about the whole spinner fiasco, how I was stuck for days and couldn’t think of how to work it out and then one night realised I shouldn’t bother making them myself and just reselling and it made all the difference – sure I did end up getting booted off the web but whatever.

And yeah yesterday I was sitting around festering looking aimlessly at random things and wasn’t feeling that. Then had that “fuck this” I’ll just do past papers, got 20 something years worth to be doing, so started doing that and it was fun and actually put the work in. At this point there’s not much more point in just sitting looking at facts I already know so yeah past papers. May end up eating my words but fuck it.